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RANKING: #24 of 26


PRICE: $30 per person


BEST ROOM: Mystery of the Red Dragon



Amazing Escape Room lacks the charm of most escape rooms in Los Angeles. What should be fun and authentic, turned out to be dull and corporate.

The company is located on the first floor of an unmarked office building in Northridge. Parking is convenient. The lobby is “wallpapered” with board game boards, which is actually really awesome.

Our group went to do Mystery of the Red Dragon. It appeared our host was indifferent to our experience (or our existence, not sure) by showing no excitement in his lackluster explanation. Even though we started off on the wrong foot, we still went into the room with an open mind.

The room itself wasn’t terrible, it was nicely decorated and interesting, but the puzzles lacked cohesiveness and common sense. We had to use more than a couple hints (which we seriously try not to use) and were explained answers that made no logical sense.

In the end, our cardboard cutout of a host showed the same amount of enthusiasm when we won as he did upon our entering. It was a total letdown. 

Amazing Escape Room currently offers 4 other scenarios: Secret Agent Room, Roaring 20’s, Escape the X Corporation, and The Starlight Lounge. We have only done Mystery of the Red Dragon, and I imagine it will stay that way.

Amazing Escape Room didn’t measure up to our expectations, which is disappointing. We want all escape rooms to be a great experience, because when they are, everyone is happy. We may try another room in the future, but you know what they say about first impressions. 

  • Logo - Amazing Escape Room
    Logo - Amazing Escape Room




PHONE: +1 (818) 893-6666