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RANKING: #2 of 26


PRICE: $32 per person


BEST ROOM: Chapter Two: Norcross Art Gallery



Evil Genius Escape Rooms is by far the most immersive escape room our group has ever gone to. We had the pleasure of doing a two-hour back-to-back experience that we absolutely loved! The puzzles are great (not to mention very challenging), the decor is excellent, but the continuing storyline is what this one of the top escape rooms in Los Angeles.

The company has one location in Mid City. Parking was on the street and very easy to navigate. Note that time slots close one hour before the room starts (which we barely made the cut when booking).

As mentioned, Evil Genius excels at story. In fact, the story starts before you even get in the room. We started in Chapter One: Occam’s Apartment. That was the “beginner” level room, but we still found it quite difficult. Then after the exciting conclusion of Chapter One, we went right in to Chapter Two: The Norcross Art Gallery. This was a really cool concept that they executed well. Chapter Two is definitely the harder of the two. Though the puzzles are hard, they always made sense, which is a huge plus.

We talked to the owner a bit and he was a very nice guy. He told us that he wrote the music for the rooms (and the music was a great element in both rooms). He also told us that the rooms are built more for enthusiasts than the average person which definitely shows through.

Evil Genius Escape Rooms most certainly exceeded our expectations and we have nothing negative to say about the whole experience. They told us they are working on Chapter Three: The Morgue, which is still a continuation of the story. We can’t wait!

  • Chapter One: Occam's Apartment - Evil Genius Escape Rooms


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EMAIL: evilgeniusescaperooms@gmail.com

PHONE: +1 (323) 402-0975