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RANKING: #5 of 26


PRICE: $36 per person


BEST ROOM: The Virus



Get the F Out uses a combination of great puzzles, awesome set design and (dare we say) incredible technology to make this a truly enjoyable experience.

The company is one of the few escape rooms located in the Burbank area. Parking is on the street, but because it’s Burbank and not LA, this doesn’t prove to be a problem. The “lobby” is an outdoor seating area with patio furniture. 

Get the F Out currently offers only one room: The Virus. The premise is that you and your friend are scientists who have to discover a cure for a deadly virus that is ravaging the planet. After waiting outside for only a short time, we were walked into the location. There is a very creative use of virtual reality to set up the scenario, and then off we went.

The room is on the small side, but it is so in-depth. They utilize every (and we mean every) aspect of the room. The storyline was great and the actor (thanks Bob) was also really great. It was our most enjoyable escape room experience that involved an actor. 

Some minor flaws: we had a few pieces of tech that didn’t work. It wasn’t that big of a deal and didn’t detract from the experience at all. Also, the puzzle line can be circular at times, having you get clues to puzzles you have already solved. We appreciate a more linear puzzleline, but again, this hardly detracted from the experience.  

In conlusion, Get the F Out has a few minor flaws that are completely overshadowed by its accomplishments. You can tell that a lot of thought and care went into crafting this adventure. We asked (hoped) that there was a new room coming soon, and while we were told there is, there is currently no timeline. 

  • Get The F Out - The Virus
    The Virus - Get the F Out



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PHONE: +1 (818) 942-3134