MagIQ Room

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RANKING: #17 of 26


PRICE: $24-$36 per person


BEST ROOM: The Pirate’s Den



MagIQ Room has quality puzzle design and gorgeous sets. The thing to keep in mind is this is designed for kids, so it can be too easy for some groups.

The company is located in a nice area on Robertson close to Beverly Hills. There is metered parking that only lasts for an hour, but you are good after six. There is also a parking in the rear of the building.

MagIQ Rooms offers three experiences. Ranked from best to worst: 

  1. The Pirate’s Den
  2. The Pharaoh’s Legacy
  3. The Secrets of Wizardry

As mentioned, the rooms are designed for kids, so the puzzles can be pretty easy. The Secrets of Wizardry took us less than 30 minutes to complete and The Pirate’s Den took just over 30 minutes. The exception to this rule is The Pharaoh’s Legacy; this room is just as hard as any other escape room built for adults.

The rooms are gorgeous and well-kept. Some of the puzzles are a bit convoluted, but most everything eventually makes sense. Also, they have a great soundtrack playing as you go through the adventure (even though I think Hans Zimmer would have something to say about copyright issues).

MagIQ Room may be an offshoot of the PanIQ room company, but we believe they do a better job. For what they lack in difficulty, they make up for in great set design.

  • The Secrets of Wizardry - MagIQ Room
    The Secrets of Wizardry - MagIQ Room




PHONE: +1 (424) 335-0066