Best LA Escape Rooms Posts

Cross Roads Escape Games is an experience unlike any other. The most amazing set design, awesome puzzles, super friendly staff, this is one of the best escape rooms we have ever done.

Poor puzzle design clashes with unique clue systems and elements of horror, leaving Wizards and Wires a unique escape room experience meant for the brave.

Escape Room LA has good production value, great puzzles, and a great staff. This is truly the cream of the crop.

The production value is on the low end and the puzzles are below average. You can tell they tried, but Escape IQ leaves a lot to the imagination.

Laser grids. Foot activated floor panels. Artificial Intelligence. Exit Game has corned the niche of technology-based Escape Rooms.

PanIq Room Hollywood is one of the five PanIQ rooms across the United States, so the company has had time to make it very professional.

Countdown Los Angeles is one of the best Escape Game experiences you can have: High production value, great immersion, great staff, and very unique themes.

Escapedom has really unique puzzles, strong story lines, and should be considered the hidden treasure of the LA escape game community.

Enigma Escape Rooms has a higher level of production value than most, and also some good technology, but the quality isn’t shared by all the rooms.

The Basement is a fully immersive experience that is not for the faint of heart. If you ever wanted to be in a horror movie, this is your chance.