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RANKING: #11 of 26


PRICE: $30 per person


BEST ROOM: Secrets of the Illuminati



Puzzle Workshop Escape Room offers a simple but enjoyable experience. There isn’t a lot of gimmick or flash, but the puzzle design is great and the staff is super friendly.

Puzzle Workshop is located in Irvine and they have an easy to access parking lot right in front of there building. The entrance is a staircase leading up to what appears to be repurposed office space. They did a good job considering what they had to work with.

They only have one room at the moment, Secrets of the Illuminati. Jack Maverick (what a name) tells you that a suspected member of the Illuminati has a priceless statue that you must steal. Our group wasn’t 100% why we needed to steal the statue, but Jack seemed like a nice enough guy, so we obliged. 

For what Puzzle Workshop lacks in storyline, they make up for in puzzle design. Our group has done a lot of rooms and we have seen a lot of puzzles, so it was nice to see some original and unique ideas. 

Overall, Puzzle Workshop Escape Room is a solid experience that excels at puzzles. They are opening their second room at the same location in the near future. We are excited to drive down to Irvine again. (Not really, but we are excited for the new room.)

  • Secrets of the Illuminati - Puzzle Workshop
    Secrets of the Illuminati - Puzzle Workshop Escape Room



EMAIL: info@puzzleworkshop.com

PHONE: +1 (949) 536-5228