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RANKING: #18 of 26

# OF PLAYERS: 2-12

PRICE: $30 per person


BEST ROOM: Chapter One



We love The Bunker Experience‘s idea of an ongoing storyline, and while they have strong set design and some fun twists, they come up short on puzzles.

To our knowledge, The Bunker Experience is the only escape room in Pasadena. We ended up parking in a garage because the parking meters around the building do not take credit cards (like the fancy ones in Los Angeles do). The garage right next to the experience cost around 5 dollars. There is no waiting room, which is inconvenient. 

They currently only offer one room simply called Chapter One (which is a super cool idea). The adventure starts the moment you walk in with quite a bit of flair. We want to remain spoiler free so we will have to leave it at that. 

Some of the positives: Our group is undecided on if there were too many unneeded props, but the general consensus is that the set was great and fit the overall post-apocalyptic theme well. There are actors (multiple) that are decked out in cool costumes to further add to the story. 

Some of the negatives: The room was very short. We completely the experience rather quickly and that was with a relatively small group (the room can hold up to 12 people). The brevity is mainly due to the lack of puzzles. There are actually so few puzzles, that we would consider this more immersive theater than an escape room. And the puzzles they did have were not very difficult.

***Note: The room has some scary moments. If you wouldn’t like a haunted house, we would suggest thinking twice before coming here.***

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves. This is The Bunker Experience’s debut room and we expect to see some really cool stuff in the future. We are excited for Chapter Two and are ready to kick some Vandal butt. 

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