The Quest Factory

The Quest Factory - Logo (Square)


RANKING: #19 of 26


PRICE: $29 per person


BEST ROOM: Queen Anne’s Revenge


The Quest Factory is a huge warehouse located underneath the 10 near downtown Los Angeles. The Quest Factory has many positives, including good scares, good use of tech, great customer service, but they lack in one big category: puzzles.

The building is kind of difficult to find because it is tucked in under the highway, but once you find it, there is plenty of parking. We suggest arriving a little earlier just in case you have trouble finding the place.

The location has three escape rooms currently. Here is our ranking from best to worst:

1. Queen Anne’s Revenge

2. The Clinic

3. Knight’s Legacy

Queen Anne’s Revenge had the best use of tech and some decent puzzle. The room looked really good and it was by far the best. The Clinic was very scary, but didn’t really have very many puzzles. This felt more like a haunted house than an escape room. Knight’s Legacy is a shorter escape room, giving you only 35 minutes. Even though it is cheaper, we would not recommend trying this one. The puzzles didn’t make a whole lot of sense and the room felt a little barren.

The Quest Factory has a big space to utilize and big plans for the future! They are currently working on three other rooms: Aztecs, Laboratory of Lost Species, and Impossible Mission which appears to be a Mission Impossible themed room. We hope to see more rooms like Queen Anne’s Revenge coming from this location!

  • The Quest Factory - Knight's Legacy




PHONE: +1 (213) 805-6179